How to use DSLR camera like a pro

Gone are the days when people use to click their photos with the phone. But you might wonder, How the pictures look like when you are going to capture via phone. It’s not looking professional right. But trust me, the generation is completely changed. People are going to take pictures via a DSLR camera. But how to use DSLR camera, there are a few tips for that. First, let’s get your feet wet with the DSLR.

DSLR Camera is nothing but the Digital Version of SLR.

Now the question arises:

What is DSLR?? 

How to use a DSLR camera

It delivers high-quality images with clean resolution and widely used by beginners and professionals. But you might wonder right:-

How to use DSLR camera for beginners

Woohoo, Congratulations. You might end up getting photography opportunities in the first place because you have a DSLR right. Don’t worry, in today’s blog post, I am going to discuss how to use DSLR camera

It contains the most useful tips that you surely get the maximum out of it.

Best mirrorless camera

This guide is not going to help people who are using photography from a beginner’s perspective but also applicable to those who are dealing with the best mirrorless camera.

There are some prerequisites which a normal DSLR camera has like:-

  1. Exposure Compensation, through which you should increase or decrease the brightness as well as darkness.
  1. There should be a control wheel through which you can easily control your camera.
  1. There should be an ISO button that is making an exposure over the image. The ISO 100 and 400 are better because it provides authentic, clean images.
  1. Focus mode should be there which is ensuring that the picture of an object seems to be in a good condition.
  1. Metering mode is an additional feature through which your camera meters the light in order to give the correct exposure.
  1. The one where we hold our hands to take the focus of that object, i.e Focus Ring.

Now you know some of the important elements that a DSLR camera has

Let’s move our focus on:- “How to use DSLR camera”

I am going to cover some tips and tricks on

How to use DSLR camera for beginners

  1. Learn how to handle a DSLR camera 

Many people did not know how to handle a DSLR camera. But if you are willing to know, how to take good photos with a digital camera, then it is important to hold and minimize the camera movement while showing the photography from a beginner’s perspective. Most DSLR camera seems to be heavy according to their weight, so you might hold with your two hands. The best part while handling the camera with two hands is the stability you get.

how to handle a DSLR camera

If you are a right-hander, the easy way to handle a DSLR camera is by using your right hand along with your hand grip and one of your fingers should be on the ring of the camera at the front position.

While your other hand should be on the camera lens just to handle a DSLR camera properly. If you are perfect at this as a beginner, you can also teach others how to take good photos with a digital camera.

  1. Try to maintain the horizon level

This is something you can get fixed with the software but continuously rotating the image in the software leads to quality degradation. So, it is advisable to choose the best mirrorless camera and maintain the horizon level while shooting a photograph. One of the best DSLR cameras for photography is the Nikon DSLR camera d3500 and Canon DSLR camera. 

Now you might wonder how to use a Nikon DSLR camera and how to use a Canon DSLR camera??. 

Well, the usage is the same as the normal DSLR camera works. For beginners especially, the Nikon DSLR camera d3500 is one of the best cameras and the best part about this camera is easy to maintain the horizon level and it has 24.2 MP image producing capability to provide sharp images in a well-defined manner. Also, the Canon DSLR camera also works with auto-shift focus with the 45 point arrangement feature which itself is unique.

  1. Understand the exposure triangle

The third point about how to use DSLR camera is understanding the exposure triangle. It is the heart of the digital camera and acts as one of the most important indicators. 

The exposure triangle basically the name connotes the three things one can change in the DSLR camera related to the exposure of the image.

how to use Canon DSLR camera for beginners
  • The first one is Aperture which depicts the hole inside the lens in the mirrorless camera through which light comes in
  • The second one is a Shutter that acts as a curtain inside the DSLR camera. If you are eager to change the speed of the shutter, it also changes the length of the time the shutter becomes open again.
  • The third and last one is ISO. It basically controls how sensitive the sensor in your DSLR camera is proportionate to the light which is incoming,

If you want to know more about the exposure triangle, you can read the article here

  1. Know the rules of composition

I want to say there are basically three areas where you want to learn photography from a beginner’s perspective and you are becoming an expert on how to take good photos with the digital camera.

  • The first thing is understanding the whole aspect of how to use DSLR camera which will make you handle a DSLR camera properly.
  • The second thing is you need to get your feet in a composition that is simply the act of placing the subjects within your image which you capture and then putting the elements to create a visually appealing image in a professional manner. Basically, the composition includes the rules of leading lines, color uses, and framing.
  • The third thing which usually a good photographer does is photo editing through which he/ she can take good photos with the digital camera
  1. Must know about the depth of the field

As I discussed in the exposure triangle, the aperture itself controls the depth of the field. Now again you might wonder what’s that.

Before moving further. I want to ask you something.

Have you ever seen a portrait shot where the particular subject is in a focus mode and everything else in that shot is captured in the nice blurry effect?

Well, that’s the only example of shallow depth of the field where the aperture controls it.

How to use a DSLR camera

So, basically, depth of the field is how the image is particularly in a focus mode in front of and behind the subject that is totally inclined towards holding your DSLR camera.

Now you must understand five aspects of how to use DSLR camera

But, these five aspects require practice, practice, and practice!!!!!

It’s not the overnight thing through which you can achieve the skill to take good photos with a digital camera, isn’t it? If you have the capability, then I urge you to handle a DSLR camera and start playing with that. 

Just starting it anyway if you are a beginner. Learn everything how to understand the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Get your feet wet into the exposure compensation.
It can be your best decision to face the challenges because challenges push you to get out of your comfort zone and get into the habit of taking the best mirrorless camera when you leave the home to do some practice.

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  1. That’s a wonderful post. I own Nikon D5300. It’s amazing. The best part is the focus and zoom. The only thing I hate about DSLRs is their bulky size. Please do write more in detail about the various modes of taking pictures. Keep up your good work!!

  2. That’s a nicely articulated article.

    The Rule of Thirds and Grids help a lot to get the photo better.

    Beginners who want to know how to use DSLR camera should read this article.

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