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If you are a coffee lover, then a portable espresso maker is the only way to go to start your day until and unless you might need a wake-up call. But luckily, you get a call with ease. Well made coffee with freshly brewing coffee beans is the best wake-up call you could ever ask for. One of the products is Portable Espresso Maker which makes 6 espresso cups. 

Most people prefer to start their day with coffee with the Portable Espresso Maker to make their day productive. As there are numerous cafes and coffee houses on almost every street. But due to hectic schedules, you cannot go and enjoy it.

Portable espresso maker
Closeup of coffee machine


So, what is the solution? One of the

Best Portable espresso maker

I will show you , i.e

Bialetti Espresso Coffee Maker

I have brought the Bialetti espresso coffee machine review of this product for you.


You might be aware that there is a coffee culture in the majority of the corporate offices in India. Many employees spent time holding a glass of coffee that keeps them going and their mood swings throughout the day. Although there are many portable espresso maker is available in the market at different prices, so I have come up with one of the coffee machine “Bialetti Espresso Coffee Maker”. 

Best Portable Espresso maker
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And, if you are using an instant drip-coffee machine or portable espresso maker, it has some pain points that you need to deal with. Here are some of the pain points which you should keep in mind:-

Location of coffee machine

 It is advisable to plan in advance where you place the portable espresso maker once you buy it. Always keep in mind, the portable espresso maker which you buy has to fit the space that you have been allocated for. So, you have to keep the points while buying the Bialetti espresso coffee maker or anyone. But portable espresso maker seems to be affordable for you.

 Price Points

 No matter what but everyone wants to get the best quality when purchasing the product. Keeping a fixed budget will help you narrow down your choices and then ultimately you can make a better decision without wasting your time and efforts.

Buying Guide:-

Best Portable espresso makers are probably the only way to enjoy coffee, especially on a budget. While these types of coffee machines don’t produce true espresso and they brew coffee beans under low pressure, they do make a rich and thick coffee similar to espresso. That’s why these coffee machines are also called espresso coffee machines.

Here are some key prerequisites you should keep in mind while using the Bialetti espresso coffee maker:-

  • Designed to use steam pressure in order to extract flavor from the coffee
  • The second consideration is water only passes through the bed of ground once. If you are thinking about recirculation, then it is not there.
  • Designed with stainless steel and if you are using a material like stainless steel, then it might be the better option. Having a material coated with stainless steel is tougher and durable than aluminum and it is not dishwasher safe. It will also not discolor while using it with ease. 
  • You have the option to make hot or cold chocolate drinks.
  • Some portable espresso makers come in a variety of brew sizes, single-cup brewers are best for the people who live alone or where each person wants to have a different style or flavor of the coffee.
  • The third consideration will be the hybrid machines and you will be great to know that the Bialetti 6 cups coffee maker will be best for you. Now you are wondering why??? Because most of the espresso coffee machines brew regular as well as espresso coffee.



 Bialetti espresso coffee maker is made up of stainless steel. If you are using this coffee maker, then it is better because it works on almost all stoves including induction stoves.

 Size- Capacity

This coffee maker makes 6 cups Moka pot machine which is equal to 10 fl. oz.


You would really like this type of portable espresso maker as it is considered powerful because it features a black nylon heat resistant handle that protects from heat.

Easy to handle

 Bialetti espresso coffee maker is easy to handle as it fits easily on the stovetop and induction so you don’t need to worry about it.

Quality and Reliability conformance

Bialetti coffee, one of the drip coffee machines which lines up with quality and reliability as the coffee maker crafted with high quality 18/10 coated with stainless and has heat resistance ability to handle.

Safety comes first

All the safety measures have been taken into consideration for this coffee maker as it has inbuilt heat resistant handle and induction safety which is a good factor to use and ensures a hassle-free experience to taste coffee.

No dishwasher facility

Most coffee makers are dishwasher safe but Bialetti 6 cups coffee maker is not dishwasher safe. So, you have to clean it by hand in warm and soapy water.


Beautifully aesthetically pleasing design

Bialetti espresso coffee maker is made up of unique design because it is coated with stainless steel.


This espresso coffee machine is user-friendly because it has a Moka pot which is small. Your pot needs to be small to get a decent brew out of it. The fact that these pots have three sections makes them easy to use. You don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to put where

The top valve is powerful

The 6 cup coffee maker has a top valve which provides for a smooth flow of brew, while some basic models are more prone to spewing and splashing.

Better for the health

By using this portable espresso maker, it doesn’t affect your health as it is coated with stainless steel and such material can be sanitized easily, never corrode, and helps to retain the taste, non-sticky ( that does not constitute hazardous substances).

Easy to clean and store

The Moka coffee machine is very easy to clean and the machine doesn’t consume much space so storage might be easy for you.


Buying a portable espresso maker might be pocket friendly for you. In terms of using, it doesn’t require much because this type of coffee machine is mostly used on the stove. This helps you to save your electricity consumption and you don’t need to buy coffee every day. Such a type of drip coffee machine also brings out natural coffee that one can drink without adding sugars or sweeteners into it.


 Limited Quantity

The Moka coffee machine comes in different sizes but most of them are single-serving because at a time only one cup can brew, though it has 6 cups that’s the only limitation with such a coffee maker.

Temperature control

Controlling the temperature of a portable espresso maker is yet another important factor since it determines the quality of coffee you get. It is advisable that you have to maintain the temperature of the bialetti 6 cups coffee maker in order to bring the actual taste of the coffee. It acts as a challenge to most of the people who are using such a maker for the first time.

Uneven grind size

Another challenge for the first time Moka coffee machine users is the grind size issues. If you are using the Moka pot whose grind size is large, then what happens is that the quality of the coffee deteriorates, thereby giving unwanted results that hamper the whole process.

No dishwasher 

The espresso coffee machine doesn’t have a dishwasher facility. You have to clean the pots and machines with hands only. It is a time-consuming process.

Needed Technical assistance 

When there are faults, a mechanic often needs to resolve your problem you are facing with the portable espresso maker. This sometimes involves cost.


You always have to boil the same number of servings, even if you don’t require that much but you need to adjust the load filter completely.

 Not economical

Coffee machines are like a type of investment as the cost per cup of coffee tends to be high.

Frequently asked questions

What are some tips to get the most out of the Bialetti espresso coffee maker?

Using the correct amount of water is the one way, Using the right ground of coffee which is medium. Filling the funnel with the coffee without applying pressure on it.

How to wash/clean an espresso coffee machine?

You have to wash with the cloth soaked into the lime vinegar, then rinse the machine and throw away the first, second, and third coffee afterward.

What is the best drip coffee machine for household purposes?

It really depends upon the type of coffee you like, how much coffee you are supposed to brew. If you enjoy typically strong, full brew coffee, then the Bialetti coffee maker which is loaded with 6 cups might be the better option.

Which is best to use when making coffee at home, a normal coffee maker or portable espresso maker?

It usually depends on the customer’s taste and preferences. If you want a simple coffee, then a normal coffee maker works for you but if you think something fancy and rich in taste, then an espresso coffee machine would be beneficial.

Is buying your own moka coffee machine worth it?

Probably, you don’t need to buy a new coffee machine. If the Best portable espresso maker works for you, it’s a better choice as the duration of life is not hampered if you use it effectively.


Using the Bialetti espresso coffee machine is the best way to improve your coffee routine and enjoy your day- both in taste and budget and avoid the hassle of going to the coffee shop personally.

I highly recommend this coffee machine because of the following points:-

Firstly, it is made up of stainless steel which has many health benefits like it doesn’t get corroded easily, it is non-sticky, chemical-free.

Secondly, this portable espresso maker provides you the rich and freshly brewed coffee which makes your day productive, keeps you awake, stress-free and helps you save your wallet.

Thirdly, it makes 6 cups of strong coffee which you can have a seamless experience.

Meanwhile, it’s an italy manufactured product and unlike the cheap limitations you will find in kitchen stores, this product is made with craftsmanship and utmost care so you don’t need to figure out the other products. 

Value for money and quite a worthy product suitable to your home to enjoy a hassle-free experience.







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